CIM's Institutional Learning Goals are our commitment to our students. They guide the development of our academic offerings and are the standards by which our students should hold us accountable. Whether in the Conservatory, Academy or Joint Music Program, a student will graduate able to:


PERFORM, CREATE and SHARE MUSIC with technical prowess and informed, compelling artistry in the relentless quest for the highest level of excellence. That means you will... 

...Take a broad array of music courses in addition to private lessons 

...Work closely with some of the finest musicians in the world today 

...Play in groups of all sizes, from duos to full orchestras 

...Develop comfort in diverse musical genres, periods and styles 

...Master the art of collaboration in all its forms 

...Assume your role as a musical citizen with confidence, generosity and self-awareness 


EXHIBIT THE PROFESSIONAL SKILLS of the 21st-century musician through coursework, co-curricular and experiential activities. That means you will... 

...Communicate meaningfully in the musical, verbal, written and digital realms  

...Think like an entrepreneur and demonstrate business acumen 

...Actively and fearlessly cross musical boundaries and engage with other art forms 

...Advocate for the relevance and potential impact of classical music  


EVALUATE, REASON, and MAKE DECISIONS in your personal and professional life using BROAD-BASED KNOWLEDGE. That means you will... 

...Apply your musical skills in the real world with empathy, courage and curiosity 

...Be one of the world’s most discerning listeners 

...Understand how the music you make stands to affect others locally and globally 

...Seek out and welcome collaboration with a diversity of people and musical cultures 


When you leave CIM, you will be equipped for a journey of high musical distinction and community impact. You will be prepared to demonstrate leadership, compassion, perseverance, drive, and creativity in all aspects of life.