Please submit this form to request referrals for musicians from CIM. Staff will then share the request with our community of highly qualified students and alumni. If musicians are available and interested, you will receive emails from them directly. For best consideration, requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the event. Please contact Cassie Goldbach if you have any questions or concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: Our student body is constantly changing, especially in the months of May and August, as older students graduate and newer students move in. Many students might also be unavailable or out of town around the winter holidays (December 13 - January 15) and in the summer months. We appreciate your understanding!

Date and start time of event:
Will this be an indoor or outdoor event?
Will this be a paid opportunity for musicians?
Final payment details will be negotiated by individual student musicians. Payment is required 24 hours prior to time of performance.
A phone follow-up with a member of our staff is required before booking one of our student musicians.


By submitting, I allow CIM staff to share this musician referral request and my contact information with CIM students and alumni. I agree to receive communications from CIM staff and musicians via email. I also understand that I or my business will be hiring musicians directly and am responsible for any required tax forms or employment contracts.